The Getting Started page is best to begin learning how you can use MozartSpaces. More comprehensive explanations of the XVSM concepts and how you can use them with MozartSpaces are in the tutorial. You can download several examples, those used in the tutorial and some more, to play around with or use as start for your own programs.

The Javadoc API documentation is available online and also for download.

The architecture of MozartSpaces is described in the master's theses of Tobias Doenz and Martin Barisits. The basis for it is the formal model of XVSM in the master's thesis of Stefan Crass.

The container persistence added in Version 2.2 is described in the master's thesis of Jan Zarnikov. The coordination-based authorization, also added in Version 2.2, is the implementation of the XVSM access control model described in the following publication: Stefan Crass, eva Kuehn. A Coordination-Based Access Control Model for Space-Based Computing. In Proc. ACM Symp. Applied Computing (SAC-2012), ACM, 2012, DOI: 10.1145/2245276.2232026

Another document shows some application scenarios for XVSM and MozartSpaces.