You can download several examples that show the basic functionality of MozartSpaces.

Example programs

Hello Space

A very simple example to start with MozartSpaces.


A simple chat program to send messages between several peers. It uses the embedded space of a participating peer or a standalone space.

Producer, Consumer, Observer (PCO)

A simple demo for the these patterns with MozartSpaces. It uses a standalone space (server) and several producer, consumer or observer instances.

Tutorial examples

The complete programs for the code snippets shown in the MozartSpaces tutorial.

Flughafen (airport)

Program representing airports with a display panel and several runways where airplanes land. The user interface and the code (comments) is in German.


The example package contains the source code for all examples with Maven and Eclipse projects. The MozartSpaces distribution with all dependencies is included. See the readme file in the example package for details about how you can start and work with the examples.

Example package: mozartspaces-examples-2.2-SNAPSHOT-project.zip